Monthly Vintage Subscription Box
VTGBOX – Vintage/Antique Estate Finds & More



A curiously curated monthly box full of hand picked vintage items based off your specific interests, trinkets, estate items, vintage treasures, antique goodies and more. From trinkets, antique photos, postcards, vintage jewelry, vintage toys, comics, railroad items, oddities, collectibles and more. Always full of value and curiosity. Great for collectors, gifting, or reselling! Click Here To See What Types Of Items We “Box” for our subscribers.

  • Packed With Valuable Vintage & Retro Items Monthly
  • No VTGBOX Is The Same – Always Eclectic & Curious
  • Up To 20 Vintage Items Picked & Packed Based Off Your Interests
  • Great For Vintage Junkies, Resellers, Collectors, Enthusiast
  • VTGBOX is fun and can be profitable for you!
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