Comedian Amiri King Unboxing VTGBOX

YouTube Comedian and Social Media Celebrity Unboxing VTGBOX Live!

Amiri King is a Kick Ass online and real world Comedian, Entrepreneur, Entertainer, and all around funny, generous guy! Amiri King received a review box from us a couple months back. We sent him a sample box FREE because we are a fan of his online and hoped he would love the boxes enough to share us. He loved his sample box so much he signed up for the VTGBOX Subscription Box and prepaid for several months. He is not paid or compensated to make these videos – This review¬† video is organic and was filmed live on his facebook page¬† also see: The King Has Spoken. We are very grateful he has taken the time to look out for a small operation like ours and give us attention just because he like the product! His videos are captivating and unfiltered and uncensored. If you don’t follow Amiri King yet – you should!

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