Antique Estate Finds Subscription Box

Vintage Estate Subscription Box service by vtgbox!

The vtgbox is not like other subscription box services – for starters no box is the same! We custom build each subscription box based off your interests and we include vintage items, antiques, retro items, estate finds, that are within the category of WHAT YOU LIKE. When you sign up for vtgbox we ask you what type of vintage items you like! You can tell us a list of items you like! (Read More Below)

What to expect when you sign-up for a monthly vtgbox vintage subscription box.

  1. Sign-up – Choose to go month to month for $39.95 month or save by prepaying for 3 months in advance. Be sure to tell us what type of vintage items you like or collect.
  2. Like most subscription box services, all of our boxes go out at the same time each month between the 4th-8th each month. We ship UPS ground or USPS. It can take on average 5 days for the box to arrive.
  3. Your box will arrive and be filled with vintage goodies and have 8-20 (up to 20 items) inside. Our boxes are usually 11x7x5 inches and hold a lot of treasures. Average box weight is 2-3 pounds!
  4. Some items will be valuable! So research your items on Google or Ebay so you can see how much value your box has.
  5. Since we include vintage items, estate finds, and antiques, some items may have patina, rust, dust, and vintage wear. If you want new items we can’t help you. Our items look old, feel old, smell old, and are true vintage items – and are OLD! We do have some NOS (New Old Stock Items) that will be in like new condition.
  6. One month you may be super excited and in love with every single item, and another month you may only like half of what you get – just remember you can sell what you don’t love since we pack in value ad our box is $39.95 and usually has a $100+ retail value.
  7. You can cancel at anytime!
  8. You can get boxes as low as $29.08 per month!

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