VTGBOX Subscription Box Unboxing By Amiri King

Check Out The VTGBOX Unboxing Video Made By AMIRI KING
(This Video Is Embedded/Shared From His facebook account The King Has Spoken!)


As a follower of Amiri King and His Wife Sara King on social media I thought “hey maybe I will send Amiri a VTGBOX to check out and if i’m lucky he might sign-up for vtgbox or give it a shout out or something”. Without expecting a big shout-out or order from him (but obviously hoping for it) I packed up a box with stuff I thought they might like *I knew from watching his videos some stuff he was in to (Like Coins) – And to be clear I would have sent Amiri or Sara a box for the asking because I am a Fan of theirs and think they are entertaining. I was careful not to overfill the box or show too much favoritism as I wanted a real review of the box just like everyone else could receive.

So I sent them a box to check out and boy did Amiri do the best possible unboxing video a smaller subscription box operation like ours could ask for. He made an awesome unboxing video (Live) and he loved the box! Not only did he love the VTGBOX he actually signed up to get one every month. The video made me very happy and added to my ambition bank, and motivation bank! Thank you Amiri & Sara! We are very thrilled you liked the box.

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