Vintage Ephemera (Old Paper Items) Subscription Box

Ephemera Subscription Box – Old Postcards, Paper Items, and More

Attention Ephemera collectors – Do you love old vintage paper items, postcards, old photos, and other Ephemera collectibles? Of course you do that why you are on this page!

There is a new way to get really amazing ephemera item delivered to you monthly – The VTGBOX – Vintage Subscription Box service lets you pick what type of vintage items you receive monthly and “Ephemera Boxes” built and delivered by are packed with 20+ really cool and unique vintage paper items each month. We are not talking basic “trash ephemera” or all junk paper that some sellers send out in “lots”. There are some really good pieces in every box from vtgbox. Note: VTGBOX offers all sorts of vintage items and hen signing up for the service you are asked what type of vintage items you are in to – To receive the ephemera box just state you you collect “Ephemera or Old Paper Items” when signing up. You can be specific when signing up as well and say: Vintage Postcards, Old Business Card, Trade Cards Old Mail/Letters, or anything you want!

Definition of Ephemera

Ephemera is generally defined as collectible memorabilia that is was for a short term purpose. Think show tickets, ticket stubs, playing cards, postcards and more. Ephemera is almost always paper-based and is often written or printed items that were expected to have short term popularity or usefulness.

Some of the old paper items you can find in a VTGBOX “Ephemera Subscription Box”

  • Vintage Postcards
  • Old Mail/Letters/Correspondence
  • Miliary Paper Items
  • Early Billheads, Receipts, Letterheads
  • Old Vintage Greeting Cards
  • Old Membership Cards
  • Fraternal Cards (IOOF, Masons, Elk, Odd Fellows, Railroad, and more)
  • Old Photos like tintypes, cdv, cabinet cards
  • Ticket Stubs
  • Old Checks
  • Deeds, Legal Docs, Documents
  • Report Cards, School, College
  • Vintage Paper Railroad Items
  • MatchBooks – Pens – Business Cards
  • Political Campaign Items
  • Business Promos – Advertising Items
  • Vintage Scrapbook Items and More
  • Old Wrappers – Packaging – Boxes
  • Merchandise Tags, Fair Tags, Awards
  • The List Goes on and on…
  • Tell us what you like!

About The VTGBOX

A curiously curated monthly box full of hand picked vintage items based off your specific interests, trinkets, estate items, vintage treasures, antique goodies and more. From trinkets, antique photos, postcards, vintage jewelry, vintage toys, comics, railroad items, oddities, collectibles and more. Always full of value and curiosity. Great for collectors, gifting, or reselling!

  • Packed With Valuable Vintage & Retro Items Monthly
  • No VTGBOX Is The Same – Always Eclectic & Curious
  • Up To 20 Vintage Items Picked & Packed Based Off Your Interests
  • Great For Vintage Junkies, Resellers, Collectors, Enthusiast
  • VTGBOX is fun and can be profitable for you!

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